Handel Opera Academy
Alcina | 2023

Alcina | 2023



The second edition of Handel Opera Academy took place in July 2023 and focused on “Alcina” – a magical tale of love and deception.

Final performances took place on 28th, 29th and 30th July in Tarnogórskie Centrum Kultury.

Zapraszamy na krótką relację z tegorocznej edycji poniżej.

I fully trusted the process. Was very convincing choices and well organised. Very professional conductor and artistic director, they sure knew best what functions better from all aspects.

I loved getting to know Kaja, Szymon, Enrique, Ewa, Elvire, Konrad, and Helmut. I was so thrilled that these people had such faith in me to portray my role. The connection between us all was so strong and I really feel like I have a musical family with them.

I liked to work on a whole role. I also like that extra lessons were given (Helmut, Sonia, Elvire). I liked the good atmosphere that reigned between the participants and also the staff. All was really well organised (schedules were good).

I felt so proud of how far I had come asa singer in the past month. I felt like I grew in the art of Baroque opera thanks to the support of the faculty as well as the classmates and the orchestra.

I loved how supportive the staff and cast were. It is by far the best artist program I have attended. Everything was so organized in the schedule and that made a huge difference.