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About Us

About Us

Handel Opera Academy is a new opera academy created to achieve the outmost artistic excellency. Our members accumulate an impressive amount of experience in opera performance and organization. In 2021 we realized that there are little chances for young singers and musicians to acquire valuable quality experience in opera. For that reason Handel Opera Academy is born to get the best possible artistic training.

Our goal is to enable you take part of a high quality professional production within a safe space, surrounded by excellent coaches and a well-oiled logistics machine. Our staff members are some of the best and brightest among the baroque music world.

With one foot in the early music practice and one foot in the German house system, Handel Opera Academy is a unique opportunity for singing students and young professionals to take their first steps in a professional setting. Providing a team of dedicated professors and world class artists, there will be every possibility for a custom made academy program.

A major focus of the project will be a historically informed performance practice. Subjects like ornamentation, phrasing and recitativo singing will receive a lot of our attention. In the same time the young artists will be working in an environment equal to an opera house in terms of schedule and work with the director. Furthermore Handel Opera Academy will provide language coaching, movement classes and correpetitors.

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Sonia Prina

Vocal coach / masterclass            …

Helmut Riebl

Concert master, ornamentation and violin coach        …

Ewa Mikuła

Ewa Mikuła is a dramaturg, stage director and author. She…